Week 6

We have been looking forward to this week since we came back to school after the holidays. The children have known from the very first day that we would be burning their houses! We have enjoyed learning the song London’s burning and loved singing it for our adults.

Thank you to everyone who came to support us.

We also had the chance to take part in a very exciting Bollywood dancing!

Week 5

This week were ordered some of the main events of the Great Fire of London. We came up with them as a class and then thought about when they happened in relation to the beginning, middle and ending of the fire.

We have loved creating our own houses inspired by those in 1666. The children have had to work together and collaborate. They have had to speak to each other about their ideas.

Week 4

This week was very exciting as we visited the local mosque at the Lingfield Centre. Saffana and Sumaiyah were our experts as they visit this mosque with their families. We learnt so much about Islam and had a lovely time exploring the mosque, completing activites and learning about another religion.

Week 3

Following on from last week’s RE lesson – the children acted out a baptism of a baby which is what many Christian’s do to welcome a new arrival.

World book day!

Our DT project is well underway and the children were a little bit freaked out by the paper mache! We all gave it a go and once we had our hands in, we realised it wasn’t too bad!!

Week 2

This week Obi came in to join us and the children are becoming so confident around him and lots of us wanted to race him for the daily mile! Many of the children will play with him during the day and give him lots of strokes and cuddles – which he loves!

In RE we were thinking about how Christians welcome a new arrival.

We have loved Art and DT this week, and have been getting really creative. In Art we have been collaging and exploring with paint. In DT we were super excited to start creating the house shapes with cardboard boxes for our project this half term!

Spring 2 – Week 1

This week we have been practicing a poem about The Great Fire of London. Please have a watch – it is brilliant!

We have also started to edit our work using a new strategy – CUPS which stands for capitalisation, understanding, punctuation and spelling. We are introducing this in small groups until the children are confident with this method of editing but it went really well this week!

We also enjoyed baking scones this week and eating them with butter and jam! The link between scones and writing…..the Great Fire of London started in a bakery on Pudding Lane!

Week 5

In Science this week we were talking about our senses. We have been able to name the 5 senses and think of examples for each, but today – we brought the senses to life….with food! We had lots of different foods and kitchen items for the children to explore. Whether that was through smell, sight, touch, taste or hearing.

In Music we have been learning about beats and how to represent them on paper. We have been clapping to a beat and copying our partner.

To round up the final week this half term – the children finished their DT projects. These projects have taken all half term and they are incredibly proud of their work – and so they should be! In DT this half term, the children had to bind a book using stitching. In order to achieve that – the children had to make a book!!! We each made our own alphabet poem book, designed and made the front cover, sealed it with PVA glue to make it strong and then bound the book down the spine by stitching.

Week 4

This week we were all very excited as we had our trip to Leeds City Museum on Tuesday. We went on the public bus and all enjoyed that part of the day.

Once we got to town we walked to the museum and dropped our coats in a room so we didn’t have to carry them! Then we split into groups with our adults and went exploring! The first floor exhibition on ‘Leeds through the ages’ was what we went for, however all exhibitions sparked the children’s curiosity and interests. Especially the lower ground level with taxidermy animals and interactive learning stations.

Once we had spent time exploring we made our way back to the bus stop and back to school. The final exciting part of our day was eating a school packed lunch in our classrooms!

Week 3

Obi joined us on Monday for a day full of exciting learning. He slept through assembly, phonics and writing before waking up to squeak his toy through Maths before having a lay down on Darcie!

We have also enjoyed creating a wash in art by adding water to paint. This means the paint is more watery and the colour is not as strong – perfect for background.

In History we looked at different household objects from the past and the present. The children thought this was brilliant and we loved looking at what things used to be like!