Week 5

This week in History and Writing we have thought of and written some questions we would have liked to have asked Captain Edward John Smith – Captain of the Titanic.

Although he went down with the ship many years ago, we ‘hot seated’ a few of the children (who pretended to be him) so that we could ask our questions. The children really enjoyed this!

As always, the children loved having Obi in this week and we had a closer look at his paws. The children noticed that he had an extra claw on the front two paws so we leant about those (dew claws) and what they were for. He enjoyed some paw rubs and some tummy tickles. The children are so confident around him now as he is with them, they have learnt a lot by having him involved in our journey this year and children have given some really lovely feedback about having him in our class.

Week 4

Our highlight of the week has got to be Sports Day!!

What a day to be outside and to have all of our family there to support us. The children were so excited and looked so smart in their PE kits, ready to represent their houses.

Mrs Cosgrove had been practicing the races and games in PE lessons with the children over the past few weeks and the events ran so smoothly.

Although it was hot, the children did an amazing job so please enjoy some of the photos!

Week 2

In Science this week we have loved exploring the grounds. The flowers are well in bloom and we have been focusing on the changes in the orchard.

The children are interested in naming the flowers, trees and plants that they can see and know their way around the school ground.

Summer 2 – Week 1

This week we have learnt about onomatopoeia in talk for writing – ask the children what that means and hopefully they can tell you!!

We have also enjoyed creating some art work based on the ocean. We looked at a picture of the dark, moody, sea and we created our own sea scape with paint.

In Science the children loved exploring the grounds and looking for signs of summer. We know we are early for the summer season but the weather was so beautiful, it was filling us with joy!

Week 6

This week has been super busy! In Maths we were learning about arrays, sharing into equal groups and using manipulatives to help us.

In Talk for Writing we were learning how to write instructions so we made ourselves a salad each and then wrote some fantastic instructions for that!

The highlight of our week was our arts celebration. Thank you so much to everyone who came to support the children – it was amazing to see so many of you and I know the children loved having you complete the activities with us!

Week 5

This week we started our arts fortnight and so far the children have loved it. We have been excited to go to the local woods and the playground and the children were all brilliantly behaved. We had a lovely time exploring the seven arches, the woodland and the farm at the top of the track. We collected natural things in our match boxes ready to do a natural collage in the art studio.

Week 4

The disgusting sandwich story has got us hooked! This week we made our very own disgusting sandwich – and it was definitely the most disgusting sandwich we’ve ever seen!

We dropped it in the pond, goopy green water, rode over it with a scooter, the chickens took a bit, slugs and ants crawled on it and there did actually end up being bird poo on there too!!

This was all in the name of writing and insipring the children to write their very own story.

Week 3

Our week in pictures! For show and tell a couple of weeks ago, Saffana had brought in caterpillars. This week she brought back the caterpillars – but this time, they were beautiful butterflies! We released them on the field at home time.

We have also been looking at maps of our local area in geography and noticing key features such as roads, paths, shops and houses.

Week 2

This week has been very hands on with the children creating posters and collages for art. We have been counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and have used our whiteboard to help us learn these patterns.

Here is our song from our music lessons. We have been practicing this for two weeks.