First week back!

Wow – what a week we have had! The children have been absolute superstars in 1F. You would never guess that this is their first week in Year 1.

We have been practicing ACE walking – hopefully the children would be able to tell you what this means and show you what this looks like (smart walking – lips locked, walking feet, facing forward). The children have also done an amazing job lining up with a Year 1 adult at the front gate every morning and walking into class on their own. Lots of them have said they feel so grown up!

This week we have been spending time with the children in provision to really get to know them and to see where their interests lie. It has been so lovely having some time this week to really settle into our new routines and classes. There has been so many activities going on in our classrooms – painting, drawing, writing, acting, reading, counting, building, dancing and so much more. It has been so hot and the children have coped so well, hopefully next week will be much cooler! We went to the orchard today to collect apples to wash, smell and taste.

We have had 3 new children join us this week and they have settled in incredibly. Our existing children have been so excited to play with the new children and have been really inclusive. Welcome to Kelly, Rosie and Charlie T!

Enjoy some photos from this week.

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