Week 3

We have been very busy in Year 1 this week. We have enjoyed some more sunshine as well as some rain, but whatever the weather we still love spending time outdoors. This week in Geography we have been moving around the school grounds looking for human and physical features in our environment. Whilst we were out doing this, we were lucky enough to see butterflies feeding on the apples that have fallen from the trees in the orchard. We got pretty close to them and the children loved having a closer look.

During Art this week we have used rollers and acrylic paint to print our own animal designs. We had to roll the paint onto Perspex plastic before using a cotton bud to scratch out our pattern. Finally we pressed our pages onto the wet paint and when we pulled it back – there was our animal print design!

We have also welcomed Claire to the class who has made a fantastic start and everyone has been so welcoming. The children have enjoyed doing challenges in the classroom and getting busy in the provision.

In Science we worked as a team to sort out the statements relating to groups of animals. ‘Has feathers and wings’, ‘Is warm blooded’, ‘Give birth to live young’.

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